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The cora range of inkjet papers offers a high quality range of environmentally responsible media from one of Europe's finest paper mills. The range is extensive covering: Matte, Satin, Gloss, CAD, Canvas, Speciality Media and Fine Art Paper. Sizes are available from A4 up to 60” rolls with weights starting at 90gsm.


cora papers are:

  • Instant-dry to the touch
  • Compatible with all Inkjet printers
  • Laminatable with pressure sensitive and thermal films.

The coating on our Matte range allows you to handle them straight from the printer - making them ideal for meeting urgent deadlines and quick turn arounds.


  • 120 gsm - this suits architectural plans and CAD work well
  • 170 gsm - a double sided media that is perfect for flyers and brochures
  • 180 gsm - a versatile mid range paper that makes excellent prints
  • 230 gsm - perfect for photo-realistic prints and post-print lamination.

Printing on these Satin and Gloss papers produces vivid colours and exceptionally sharp images. Their unique coating means that prints are smudge free and dry straight after production.

The only choice you need to make is the type of finish you require.


  • 200 gsm - ideally suited for photos and indoor posters
  • 260 gsm - easy to handle and perfect for larger imagery
  • 295 gsm - a superb paper for Fine Art Reproductions.
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